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Does insulating your Perth patio roof increase your home value, and should you get a new roof before you sell your home? 

The variety of benefits from insulating your home is something that most homeowners know about. Insulation keeps heat and cool air inside your home, making it easier to regulate your indoor temperature. Insulated homes provide year-round comfort and reduce cooling and heating costs. 

One of the most common questions about the insulation we hear is “Is my outside space worth insulating?” Many people believe they can skip patio insulation because they aren’t trying to trap heat or cool air inside their Perth patio. 

Insulation doesn’t just trap heat; it also helps keep the heat out of your space. Insulated patio roofing can make your outdoor space cooler and more comfortable all year round. 

Here are four benefits to maximise your ROI if you’re wondering whether the cost of installing insulated patio roofing is worthwhile. 


Top Return on Investment Benefits


Enhances Aesthetic Value

Insulated patio roofs look more professional and expensive than uninsulated ones. Insulated roofing will make your Perth patio look neater and more appealing, increasing curb appeal. 

Insulated roofing comes in many different colours. You can also choose from a variety of patio designs that can blend in with your exterior. 

To get the best value for your money, make sure you invest in high-quality insulation roofing systems that provide long-term heat protection, such as SolarSpan. 


Maximum Comfort

Depending on the material, the patio roof may absorb heat from the sun. The patio will become hotter and less comfortable to sit on, especially during the summer. Insulation helps keep heat out of the roof, keeping your patio cool. 

It is important to make your Perth patio as comfortable and enjoyable as possible in a city with as much sunshine as Perth. 


 Noise Reduction

Insulated patio roofing can not only moderate the temperature but also reduce noise. Insulation materials are made of porous fibres to reduce heat conductivity. Insulation is a great sound absorber because of its porous nature. Insulation absorbs sound waves so they can’t penetrate the roof. 

Depending on which patio you choose, you may find that you are disturbed by noisy neighbours or live in a busy area. Insulated patio roofs can help you achieve peace and quiet. The sound absorption also works inside your house. This means that you don’t need to worry about keeping the noise level down at parties. 


Hidden Electrical Lines

Insulated patio roof panels can hide electrical lines. These panels allow contractors to run and extend lines easily to ceiling fans, lights, switches, or other electrical devices. Hide the electrical lines on your patio to make it look neater. 

Extreme heat can also cause damage to sensitive electrical wiring. Insulation prevents wires from overheating, which can cause damage and prolong their useful life. 


Energy Saving

Quality insulation and other energy-efficient features can increase a property’s value. This will maximise your return on investment. Many home buyers want properties that offer comfort and functionality, particularly when it comes down to energy efficiency. An insulated patio roof can increase the value of your home to potential buyers. 

A SolarSpan roof in Perth is a great option if you can’t live without the fan in extreme heat or portable heaters in mild winters. It will make a big difference in your power bills and bring a lot of change to your outdoor space. Insulated roofing is designed to keep extreme temperatures under control. An insulated patio roof will reduce the need for heaters and fans in your outdoor space, which will only decrease your next electricity bill. 


Quality is Important   

The quality of insulated patio roofing you have installed by a Perth patio installer can affect the value of your home. There are many options for materials on the market. It is important to consider quality when making an investment. These are questions that an experienced buyer will ask if they are considering the cost of SolarSpan Perth when making an offer for your property. 

Consider these things when deciding on which type of roofing to ask your Perth patio installer to install: 

  • Material durability
  • Qualitative 
  • Positioning 
  • The brands’ efficiency 
  • Provider’s reputation 

Therefore, we only use Perth SolarSpan as they are the superior choice. The range of insulated roofing offers superior comfort, unsupported long spans, a wide range of COLORBOND steel and a variety of profiles. 


Sell SolarSpan to Your Buyer

The first step to maximising your return on investment is to ensure that your advertisement accurately describes the benefits of SolarSpan in Perth. It is crucial to highlight the cost-saving aspect of SolarSpan. 

SolarSpan may be an option for you if you’re looking to sell your property soon or increase its value over the long term. Discussing the matter with your agent before deciding will help you determine if the addition will make your property stand out from the rest and increase your home’s value. 


Is it Worth it?

So, the big question here is how much will a patio roof replacement or restoration increase my home’s value?  

The answer is that it all depends. It is very difficult to estimate the value of these home improvements. Because it depends on so many factors, including: 

  • It is being replaced because of its condition. 
  • If you are restoring the roof, what is its condition? 
  • A roof in good condition will increase the value of a home that is higher priced. Buyers will expect a more costly home to be ready for move-in. 
  • The new roof style and new colours.

Some data suggests that a new roof can increase your property’s value by about 15-40%. But it is better to consult a professional who can assess all aspects of your home to give you an exact figure. 


Quality Insulated Roof Systems in Perth

One Stop Patio Shop allows you to enjoy an indoor-outdoor seamless lifestyle. Our SolarSpan insulated roofing systems are high quality and will lower your heating and cooling expenses in your outdoor living space.  

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