outside lighting

Your choice of lighting is an important part of your overall outdoor patio design, ensuring that members of your household and your guests will be able to get to and from the patio safely at night as well as enhancing its appearance.

21 Illuminate your garden with outside lightingFunctional lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a number of useful functions, including improving safety by reducing the risk of trips and falls when walking in the garden at night. Installing security lighting can also help to deter opportunist criminals, who will be less likely to attempt a break-in if the area is illuminated, or if a patio lights up when they activate motion sensors. Functional lighting may be incorporated into patios themselves or set into paths and garden features such as fountains.

Aesthetic lighting

Lighting can also enhance the look of gardens and patios by highlighting attractive features or set the desired atmosphere with aesthetically pleasing colours. Different coloured lighting can be used effectively to create different moods in your garden, and simply changing the colours of bulbs is a cheap and powerful way to give your patio a different look at different times of the year. Green and blue lighting are common therapeutic options that can set a relaxing mood.

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