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Your backyard can be a part of your home just as much as your physical home. 

It all comes down to your patio, it’s clever design, expert installation and adding your personal touch. 

Want to know to transform your patio into a multifunctional outdoor space? 

Read more from the patio Perth professionals at One Stop Patio Shop to find out. 


Why do you need a multifunctional outdoor space?

Many non-essential workers in 2020 had to work from home, and many of us were unprepared to do so. From juggling kids to finding a suitable, quiet space to get your work done, it was a task – and for some, it still is. 

But what if we looked outward, instead of inward? A Perth patio works wonders for that added room, space, tranquillity and hideaway that we all sometimes need. Here’s how to do it. 


Create comfort and functionality with outdoor furniture

Whether you’re working from home or entertaining guests (or both, at different times), outdoor furniture is a must. 


  • An ergonomic chair and table is necessary for occupational health and safety for your work completed at home, in your Perth patio. 
  • An outdoor lounge and outdoor coffee table will look and feel superb as you entertain guests with an evening cocktail or midday coffee and cake. 

For business, pleasure or both, identify what you’re using your Perth patio for. 

Visit our patio showroom in Perth for the inspiration you need to transform your patio into a multifunctional outdoor space. 


Shade your area with Perth patio designs

The sun (especially in summer) is probably the main reason why corporate employees work inside, rather than out. However, the sun can be easily blocked out with a cleverly designed Perth patio. 

  • SolarSpan insulated roof design is loved for its heat-reducing properties, while still boasting a streamlined and uncluttered design. 
  • Gable patio increases light, ventilation and space in outdoor area. 
  • Dome patio provides superior protection from the harsh Western Australian climate, without compromising on style. 
  • An Alfresco patio, coupled with light and power, truly enables you to live comfortably outdoors. 

By choosing any one of these designs for your new patio, or Perth patio renovation, you’re truly adding value, moving towards energy efficiency and providing yourself an extra room on your property. 


Let there be light (and power)

Your Perth patio design will harness sunlight well, but you should definitely up the ante with adding power and lighting to your patio. 

The patio Perth professionals have the patio lighting services for you, including: 

  • Adjustable spotlights and diffused fluorescent lighting, 
  • Low voltage LED downlights and patio fans. 

Discover how patio renovations in Perth will make your new multifunctional outdoor space easier to work from and entertain in. 


Everything patios Perth is found at One Stop Patio Shop

Whether you’re working from home, entertaining from home or just want that quiet outdoor sanctuary – One Stop Patio Shop have all your needs covered. 

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