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It’s nothing but blue skies ahead (mostly) for Perth weather in 2020 and that means more time in the beautiful outdoors and backyard.

Now’s the time to dust off the barbecue, clean the pool and clear the cobwebs in your Perth patio.

Of course, there’s more ways to get your patio ready for summer, but don’t worry, they’re all quick, easy and won’t make you break a sweat.

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Protect your guests and Perth patio from the sun

The sun is about to get a bit brighter and more noticeable as we approach the summer months.

With the sunshine’s comes UV rays, a harmful radiation. An index used to measure the intensity of UV rays, indicate that a reading more than 11 is considered extreme.

Which makes the average January and December Perth index of 12, quite unsettling.

Yet, the beauty of patios is their ability to let you and your guests enjoy the outside, in the cool and comfortable shade.

Did you know?

  • Sun damage can cause wooden patio furniture to splinter, paint and stains to fade?

You don’t want you or your guests to feel less than impressed with faded, unsafe furniture and fittings.

So, what can you do?

Install more shade like the attractive addition of patio cafe and outdoor blinds.

By doing so, you, your guests and patio furniture can enjoy the sun, without the damage.


Deter insects from your Perth patio

With the summer heat, creepy crawlies come out from their hiding spots.

Living in Perth, you’re probably used to flies and other bugs, but that doesn’t mean you or your guests need to put up with them!

What can you do?

  • Light special insect candles and incense coils,
  • Always have insect repellent readily accessible, or
  • If you don’t like the smell of the above, a simple plugged-in fan has been proven to deter flying insects.

Say goodbye to these party crashers and still enjoy your summer ready patio.


Give your Perth patio some TLC

Summer entertaining and balmy nights never looked so good with a Perth patio.

Want more ways to summer-proof your patio?

  • Give your patio some love by cleaning your patio furniture,
  • Sweeping the floors, and
  • Generally touching up the outdoor area with patio maintenance.

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