Patios add such a spark to homes, from an extra living area, an outdoor sanctuary and an overall addition to an entertainer’s quarters. Yet most of us are still under the impression that patios are for summer and warmer weather only.

In Perth, we’re lucky to have pretty mild winter weather conditions.

So, with a little touch here and there and clever patio design ideas, winter will prove no excuse to ignore your patio.

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 Add a heat source to your Perth patio

Gloomy, shivery, windy and downright frosty – this is what winter brings, and why we prefer to cosy up indoors.

However, when you add a heat source in your patio, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoor space as if you were in the comfort of inside.

How can you achieve this with a Perth patio?

  • Install insulated roofing,
  • Get your mitts on an electric or gas heater, and/or
  • Consider if an outdoor fireplace or firepit is right for you.

With optimum heating in your patio, whether it comes from the smart patio design itself, or the help of a heater, you’ll stay cosy and warm in your patio this winter.

 Improve the lighting under your Perth patio

Mood lighting, warm lighting or just lighting in the first place – this will help increase the liveability and ambiance of your Perth patio in winter.


  • It attracts and invites your guests, family and yourself to enjoy the outdoor living area,
  • If done well, can highlight the aesthetics of your Perth patio, from landscape to walkway, and
  • It’s a safety measure, for security and avoiding bumping into objects when it’s dark.

Whether it’s the additions of tall, stand-alone lamps, solar patio lights or even aesthetic string lights, lighting will increase the value, security and allure of your Perth patio in winter.

 Get winter garden ready for your Perth patio

Got a green-thumb? Then you’ll know that some outdoor plants are more fragile in winter.

The start of winter is an ideal time to do some minor landscaping and consider planting some sturdy, all-year plants in and around your Perth patio.

Here’s our winter garden favourites:

  • All year round: violas and Iceland poppies,
  • Shrubs: azaleas, lavender, rosemary and birds of paradise, and
  • Natives: kangaroo paw and hakeas.

Not a green-thumb? Skip the planting and tending to a patio garden and opt for a sweep of potential dead leaves and weeds.

Clean your Perth patio

From BBQs and outdoor kitchens to your cafe blinds, give your Perth patio a deep clean.

Cleaning with degreasing solution and a simple spray-and-wipe ensures your patio won’t be a breeding ground for nasties like bacteria and mould.

As you’ll be using your patio all-year round, you can’t avoid this preparation!

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Celebrations, long overdue catch-ups and family dining are all on the cards when you prepare your patio for winter.

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