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One of the best things about this part of the world is the outdoor living we get to enjoy for most of the year.

Without wanting to rub it in, especially when our friends across the Nullarbor are battling La Nina and one of the wettest years on record (we are going to do it anyway!) Perth is the perfect place to enhance your outdoor living experience with a patio, pergola or outdoor living extension. Put simply, patios in Perth are how we achieve Perthection!

You probably already agree, and that’s why you’re here and already exploring the right patio for you. So here at One Stop Patio Shop we have put together some helpful pointers that will help you to fully consider the options available to you and ensure you are getting the right quote from us.


Timing Is Everything


First things first, how long will it take? At the One Stop Patio Shop you can request a free quote and expect a reply within 48 hours. If you’re happy with the quote and want to lock it in, we can begin the process of seeking council approval. Installation of patios in Perth will take place around 8-10 weeks after you get the nod.


Filling Out The Quote Enquiry


First of all, take a quick look at our patios Perth quote page here.

You will see that most of it is straightforward. Your name, email address and mobile phone number. You’re on your own here – I’m afraid we can’t help you on those details!

But then you will find the drop-down options that require you to enter a DESIGN CHOICE and a ROOFING OPTION.

This is where you may need a little bit of help. So here goes …


Design Choice


At the One Stop Patio Shop we have 20 years experience of patio design in Perth and do everything that we can to ensure the patio design is in keeping with your home. It should be styled and designed to reflect the interior design of your dwelling. It is also important that the exterior blends seamlessly with the new structure and our team of experts will do everything we can to facilitate the right aesthetic look. There are, however, some simple choices to make that will enable us to help you get started right from the outset.

You will see that there is a simple choice to make around a few design looks. Whether you want to opt for a flat or gable structure. Or perhaps you want to make your patio a dome or skillion design. Take a look below at what these design choices actually mean:

Flat  –  The flat roof is designed for basic weatherproofing. It enables you to get from your front door to the carport in any weather and protects corridors down the side of the home when you put the bins out. Please note that whilst this option is inexpensive, it is NOT the right design choice for entertaining in an outdoor area. Low, flat roofing will generate a lot of heat – this is pretty uncomfortable at a family BBQ. Not Perthection!

Gable – The standard gable roof patio design has an 18-degree pitch which optimises light, ventilation and space within your patio area. It makes a good choice for entertaining and over recent years we have spent a lot of time converting flat patios into gable patios.

Dome – One Stop Patio Shop is the number one patio builder for dome patios in Perth. A popular choice, the dome provides superior protection from the harsh West Australian climate.

Skillion – The seamless layout of the skillion roof patio integrates well with existing structures in both classic and contemporary architecture. Put simply, the skillion is a flat roof with a pitch or slant. Often found attached to the main residence. There are many different types of skillion roof. The Standard Skillion, the Flyover Skillion, the Butterfly Skillion and the Reverse Skillion. For more information, click here.

Alfresco – When it comes to patio design in Perth, the alfresco option is essentially an extension of your house and truly represents outdoor living at its best. Our well crafted alfresco option is complete with power, lighting and bespoke flooring. You will also love the timber lined ceiling we offer.

Pyramid Hip Roof Patios – An attractive crowd pleaser, the high roof improves ventilation and provides plenty of light and air.


Roofing Option


When it comes to the initial quotation, as well as the design choice we like to hear about the type of roofing you are considering for your patio. Here is a quick guide on roofing options:

Flat Deck Roofing – Simple and effective. A clean, uncluttered and cost-efficient solution. It is workable in spanning large distances.

Poly Carbonate Roofing – This product comes in a range of colours and materials. Ultimately, it offers a nice balance when you want to allow light and warmth in.

SolarSpan PatiosSolarSpan has heat-reduction qualities that our clients find extremely beneficial. Offering protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, SolarSpan is ideal for a low-pitch flat patio roof at 2 degrees. Rigorously tested to Australian standards and designed for Aussie conditions, the SolarSpan roofing is produced by BlueScope Steel here in Australia and comes with a 20-year written warranty. We advocate its use on everything from insulated patios in Perth to pergolas, verandas, decks and carports.

Timber Lined Patios – Timber makes for a really stylish look. One Stop Patio Shop offers a range of hardwood options that can be custom finished.


Hard To Make A Decision?

You may find it hard to lock in a decision right now. No problem. One Stop Patio Shop is here to help with every aspect of with the design choice of your patio, pergola or outdoor living extension. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can talk through your options in more detail. We can also chat to you about what is achievable with the space you have to work with and make suggestions as to the best options to suit your outdoor space.

Just get in touch here and you’ll find our staff have all the answers you need to guide you through your next steps. Patio Perthection is not that far away!

Request a Free Quote

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