Are you thinking about decorating your Perth patio to turn it into an entertaining place for the summer?


When it comes to decorating your patio, we suggest you make it feel like an extension of our home. With all the cosiness, comfort, and style that you would find in an indoor space.

Need patio decorating ideas? These are some ideas that will make your patio a place you’ll love to spend time in. Make your patio a haven for relaxing and entertaining family and friends.


Firstly, what is a Patio?


A patio is an open, uncovered, ground-level space that lies in front of or behind your house. It is made mostly from durable materials such as bricks, stone, gravel, and asphalt. A patio isn’t connected to the actual building like porches or gardens, decks, or courtyards. The patio is also not protected by an external wall or an overhanging roof.

Perth patios offer many design and functionality options. It is up to you to design something that’s both comfortable and creative.


Plan Your Furniture


Now we are all about saving money and decorating your patio and outdoor spaces within a budget. However, when choosing patio furniture or outdoor seating, we recommend that you choose neutral pieces that are well-made and will last for many years.

Make sure your tables and chairs are made of durable materials that will not be damaged by rain or heat.

Once you have your foundational outdoor pieces in place, it is time to add pillows, rugs, baskets, string lights, and decorative accessories. All of these can be easily changed as your style changes.

The largest piece of furniture is also the most important piece for your Perth patio. Quality and comfort are the key factors.  If you are going for a dining set, make sure that all your tables and chairs are the same colour. If your chair covers are orange, make sure that your tablecloth is orange too. These key pieces will ensure that your patio looks cohesive.

Patios are the ideal place to experiment with decorating ideas. Have fun trying out different styles and colours. Who knows? You may even love the new look so much that you’ll want to incorporate it indoors.


Build a Café in Your Backyard


Flowers aside, you can also get chairs and a small table to make a spring/summer set-up. You can’t go wrong with an outside cafe!

Also, get a larger dining table and more chairs while you’re there. This will allow all your guests to enjoy the outdoor setting. This arrangement makes gatherings more enjoyable.


Add a Swinging Chair or Hammock


We think the perfect patio has a swing chair, hammock, or other relaxation device, so you can read a book or take a nap. You can make the space your own and leave some for meditation or yoga.


Define A Colour Palette


It is crucial to define a colour scheme, just like you would when decorating any other area of your home. This creates a cohesive, attractive appearance. A colour palette is especially important in small spaces.


Use Plants and Flowers


To give your Perth patio a lively look, buy pots of flowers. If your patio is open, your plants won’t be protected from the elements like heat and rain. You should aim for plants that can withstand all seasons.

You can transform your patio into a vibrant space by placing flower pots or trees on it. However, they must be taken care of so that they bloom properly.




Lighting is one of your cheapest options to transform your patio. You can choose from string lights, paper lanterns or solar lamps. It will all work within your patio design budget and the difference will be incredible.


Keep the Sun Off the Patio


Sunlight is another thing you should be aware of. It is important to remember that we are outside. Too much sunlight in the summer can lead to problems.

While the sunsets are spectacular from our patio, it also means that the patio is only partially shaded during the heat of summer, and you will be dealing with the harsh Western Australian sun.

We suggest you install some outdoor blinds or curtains. This lets the sunshine in on three sides of the patio at different times of the day.


Less Is More


Yes, that old saying applies here too. Don’t overdo it. Because it’s a patio, it already has open skies, grass, and fresh air. This is all it really needs. It should be a place where you can take a break and relax. This last bit of advice is great to remember if your budget is tight. *wink wink


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