Sometimes you are forced to make compromises when wanting to add a patio to your Perth home. Although you desire the extra coverage, it often comes at the cost of price and natural light.


It’s not surprising that homeowners would love to make the most out of the 300 sunny days we have in Western Australia. They can do this by building an alfresco outdoor patio in Perth. The alfresco patio can blur the line between indoors and outdoors and provide a place for relaxing after a hard day of work, entertaining, or just being closer to nature. There’s more to outdoor patios in Perth then just being an extension or your home.

Since the first fibreglass skylights and thin plastic sheets, we have come a long way. Today, we can find UV-rated polycarbonates in many colours, shades, and materials.

So which roofing options today can offer us the best of both the sun and shade, while still allowing the light to pass through our Perth patios?


Polycarbonate Roofing


One Stop Patio Shop has a wide range of polycarbonate sheeting. This can be an excellent solution for areas that require warmth and light. You can choose from a variety of colours and profiles to create the right look for your entertainment space.

It is so versatile that architects have used it on their buildings for years. With its flat finish and adaptability to a variety of patio designs in Perth, this polycarbonate roof product has revolutionised the patio market.

Many of our customers need a colour bond solution for complete sun protection while entertaining family and friends. But, when you’re looking to let in some light and warmth or see through the roof, this product is a great option.




Perth SolarSpan insulated roofing is a product that has been around for many years. It has gained popularity with homeowners who want to have an all-year outdoor living space.

Insulated panels not only reduce heat, but also create a seamless transition between the inside and outside of a house.

Solarspan roofing is versatile and very effective in creating the illusion of space and is a great option to protect you from the suns heat without blocking light. It is the simplest and most appealing way to make your patio stand apart from the rest.

The following patio design considerations can be used as a guideline for creating your new outdoor retreat.


Borrow Natural Light


The downside to a covered patio is the blocking of sunlight that could otherwise enter your home through the windows. However, there is a simple way to fix this problem: install skylights on the patio roof.

Fixed skylights let natural light in from the sky, which is reflected into the adjacent room. It’s also called borrowed light. This helps to compensate for the lack of natural light through windows


Maximise Views


If you’re planning to create an outdoor space or at least one that is oriented towards the outdoors, make sure your Perth patio has the best views. This means that you need to carefully consider where the structural elements should go.

While the Building Code of Australia sets the deck railing spacing and height, it is possible to adjust the placement of framing depending on your porch size and configuration. Larger spans need larger beams or posts. This approach will give your porch a more open feel.

If you imagine spending an afternoon overlooking your backyard, create a patio layout complete with furniture placement to see how the new structure will frame your view.

Or perhaps you have a dream to stargaze from the enclosed porch. Add skylights if you want to see the night sky.


Natural Materials


Natural materials can help you create connections with the outdoors. For example, you could build a patio design in Perth that features a wood tongue-in groove panelling on the ceiling and floor, as well as a stone fireplace. These design elements evoke the natural world.

Also look into woven wicker and wood furniture, stone side tables, or copper lighting fixtures.


Furniture Placement


You can use your patio as an extension of your home or as a place to relax. It doesn’t matter what your priorities for the space are, you should plan it before you begin building. To help you visualise the layout, start with a sketch.

If you enjoy outdoor dining, you can centre the space by setting up a large table that allows friends and families to gather.

If space is available and you have the funds, create separate areas on your patio. You could use one area for a casual meal, with a few chairs and a coffee table, and another area to read with rocking chairs.


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There are many arguments in favour and against skylights, as well as the option of roofing the entire patio with polycarbonate. This is the decision that we must make when adding a patio or deck to our home. Any new addition could darken your home.

Our design specialists can assist you with all aspects of your patio. They will also give you advice about roofing products and skylight options.

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