Transparent Cafe Blinds Perth WA

Many people in Perth already love their outdoor blinds, and many more are willing to install outdoor blinds to increase the aesthetic and function of their Perth patio.

However, it’s important that they are adequately maintained, to make sure they don’t lose their aesthetic appeal and fantastic functionality.

Don’t worry though, because maintenance won’t cost an arm and a leg, nor will it take a whole day out of your weekend.

Want to know how to keep your cafe or outdoor blinds looking great?

Read more from the Perth patio professionals at One Stop Patio Shop to find out.


Choosing the right cafe or outdoor blinds for you

The range of cafe and outdoor blinds at One Stop Patio Shop come in a variety of colours and an array of different functions.

For example:

  • Our ZiptrakÒ range have no zips, ropes, straps or buckles, they’re exceptionally easy to use and environmentally friendly, versatile and can be manually or motor operated. These are definitely a popular choice.
  • Our rope and pully cafe and outdoor blinds have a unique locking base rail that’s the strongest and thickest in Perth, are custom made to fit intricate patio designs, and can include doorways or splits for easy access.
  • Our budget channel blinds provide good energy levels, no ropes and pulleys and are available in mesh or PVC.

What one do you have or what one will you choose? Talk to the Perth patio professionals at One Stop Patio Shop to find out the best cafe or outdoor blinds for you.



What you need to know about cafe and outdoor blinds

Below, the team of Perth patio professionals at One Stop Patio Shop have compiled information relating to how to keep your cafe or outdoor blinds looking great.

  • Did you know cafe and outdoor blinds last longer if they’re kept extended? This means keeping them in a vertical position as much as possible to ensure the material will maintain its shape.
  • Blinds that are too tight will contract (or ‘waste’) in the middle because of the unnecessary tension. Avoid this by loosening the tension slightly to ensure your cafe or outdoor blinds can ‘breathe.’
  • Avoid rolling up your cafe or outdoor blinds if/when they are wet. This will only cause damage.

The above steps will add to an enjoyable experience in your Perth patio, by ensuring functional and aesthetic, well-kept cafe or outdoor blinds.


Ensuring their longevity

Let’s take a look at ensuring the longevity of your Perth patio cafe or outdoor blinds.

Here’s what to do:

  • Remove dust, dirt, bird poop, tree sap or other debris,
  • You can do this with a clean cloth, warm, soapy water that has a diluted water-based detergent.
  • Wipe away debris gently to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Completely rinse with clean water, and dry with a microfibre cloth, and
  • Remember to let your cafe or outdoor blinds air dry also before rolling up.

There you have it!

Quick and simple tips to ensure your outdoor blinds look great, all year round, for many years to come.


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