Ensure Your New Deck Will Be Bushfire Safe

If you live in an area that’s prone to bushfires, you should speak to patio builders about fire-proofing your patios and decks and choosing the right materials to ensure these installations don’t contribute to your home’s fire risk

21 How to Ensure Your New Deck Will Be Bushfire SafeBushfire safe materials

Metals such as aluminium and steel are recommended building materials for bushfire areas, as they are resistant to fire and flame damage. Timber decks are not advised in high-risk bushfire areas and may be restricted by legislation. Other wooden features of homes should be replaced with metal to reduce the home’s fire risk, as should synthetic vinyl and plastic materials that can produce toxic fumes when burnt. Timber decks can also be high maintenance in coastal and marine environments, as the material may rot or warp in contact with water, making metals preferable.

Natural appearance

If you prefer the natural look of timber, speak to your patio installer about imitation wood aluminium and decorative concrete decks, which can produce the look of authentic timber without the fire risk or high maintenance. Powder coated aluminium decks and patios can also produce long-lasting results that won’t need to be repainted every few years.

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One Stop Patio Shop supplies and installs quality dome, gable and pyramid patios in a range of materials, including aluminium patios for bushfire prone areas. Phone (08) 9455 7277 to speak to their patio installers in Perth about different patio and roofing options for your budget.

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