For many people creating a unique and distinct style and feel for their outdoor room or patio as a separate space in their home is important. This can be achieved with a number of different methods in both the construction and placement of the patio.

First, placing a roof over your patio gives an extra dimension to your outdoor area. Along with the benefits of extra comfort for you and guests and protection from the elements, a roof also provides a clearly defined boundary within your outdoor area. Either freestanding or attached to the home, there are a variety of roof styles to choose from that can deliver an appealing look for your patio and that complements the overall home design.

Another means of defining your outdoor area is by using a low seating wall at the edge of your patio. This creates a distinct frame to your patio space and separates it from garden and lawn areas. It can also double as extra seating space when entertaining with the addition of a few cushions for comfort.

Another way to define your patio as an outdoor area is with a feature item, such as a fireplace or pond. This can provide a focal point or anchor point for the overall outdoor design. Using changes in gradient, different materials and paths between the home and patio can also create definition and separation.

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