One of the easiest and simplest ways to transform and beautify your patio area is with the addition of plants. There are a wide variety of plants and containers that you can choose from to suit your budget and environment, coastal or inland, to create a space that reflects your taste and matches your home. Here are a few suggestions to consider when decorating your patio with plants.

Create a colour theme

Creating a colour theme is a great way to incorporate plants into your outdoor patio design and decor choices. If you are going with bold and bright colours for your furnishings complement them with vibrant and rich flowers. Alternately if your patio style is more cool and subdued consider selecting more subtle and darker coloured flowers and plants.

Grouped plants

Consider grouping potted plants together to create a grander effect using a variety of sized containers or similar sizes to enhance the appearance of your colourful flowers or leaves. By packing them in close together and grouping them in sizes and appearance it will allow each plant to contribute to a focal point on your patio.


Another consideration can be maintenance and upkeep. Choosing succulents means less watering and effort and still offers an interesting and appealing variety for your patio. You may also want to think about plant size – bigger shrubs can offer shelter and privacy.

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