Creative Outdoor Furniture

Building your own outdoor furniture for your outdoor patio is one way to achieve a stylish design on a limited budget. Using leftover wooden pallets, available from recycling yards or even for free in skips near building sites, is a great way to build good looking furniture cheaply. You will need approximately two pallets per piece of furniture.

42 Creative Outdoor Furniture on The CheapBegin by taking apart the pallets using a crowbar and be careful when removing the nails to protect yourself and preserve the wood.

Building the chairs first, construct a frame then attach it to the chair legs at your desired height, around 420 millimetres. Next, cut the round edges for the chair back and arms using a jigsaw, with the centre plank in the backrest being the tallest. Cut pieces to make the seat and attach it to the frame. Finally, make a u-shaped frame to support the backrest and attach to the top of the legs to create the arms.

Create the table by stacking two pallets. For convenience, cut a circle from a large plywood square. Fix the circle to the underside of the top pallet of the table, and the square with the hole to the topside of the bottom pallet, to be able to spin the top pallet. Stain the chairs and table to your desired look or paint your preferred colour for a stylish furniture set for next to nothing.

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