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One of the key considerations with outdoor patio designs is maximising the available space, through decorating, lighting, and choosing the right patio furniture. When it comes to selecting the right furniture pieces, functionality, longevity and style should be important factors.

Timber furniture

Timber is always a popular choice for outdoor furniture, providing solid support and stylish looks in a variety of shades and grains. These furnishings are best suited to a larger patio with a roof, as they can be heavy to shift once in place. If you have a protected patio with a roof to stop the elements from weathering timber furniture, it can provide durable and appealing comfort for many years with little maintenance.

46 Create a comfortable outdoor area by choosing the right patio furniture
Furniture for smaller spaces

If you have a small outdoor patio space, stackable furniture may be a better option. From durable plastic or collapsible camping chairs through to aluminium and lightweight timber furniture, selecting a style of chair that is easy to pick up and shift means that you can provide seating when needed and make space by stacking or folding it away when not required.

Mixing things up

Another popular choice is to combine elements of furniture styles. For instance, you may wish to have a permanent and solid timber table and then use lightweight folding timber chairs with a similar colour and stain. This can provide space-saving opportunities and help keep to a budget.

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