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You can expect some wear and tear as your Perth patio ages.


There are many problems that could occur with your patio. Knowing the common problems that patios can face will help you quickly fix the issue and ensure your patio stays in top shape.

Whether you are dealing with an existing patio problem or want to install one, it’s important to know what could go wrong.


Patio Roof


Your patio roof is just as important as your patio. It provides protection from the elements and can also enhance your outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal. You can even choose an insulated SolarSpan roof to give you better temperature control and allow you to relax on cold days.

As with any roof, your Perth patio roof will eventually need to be replaced. You can learn more about common roof problems so you can identify warning signs and take action to fix the problem quickly.


Water Damage


Some cracks can be difficult to find due to their small sizes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that water cannot get through them. Leaks and water damage can still occur in your patios if they aren’t detected. Water damage that is small can cause more serious problems like harmful mould, slip-and-fall accidents, and weak structure. These can later on cause a roof to collapse and injure someone.


How to Fix It


Take your hose and spray the roof with it. Check the area underneath for water leaks and drips. It is important to determine the source of these leaks from the roof.

For water damage: Wet spots under your roof are usually a sign of moisture damage. To determine the extent of damage, inspect the entire roof area. Consider hiring a professional if you see signs of structural damage.


Cracks and Holes


Most roofing problems are caused by cracks or holes. Harsh weather conditions and small animals cause this kind of damage. f the problems aren’t addressed, they can compromise the roof’s structural integrity. Also, small cracks, holes, and leaks can allow moisture to enter, which can lead to mould, mildew or water damage.


How to Fix it


Make sure to regularly inspect your roof. You should take corrective action if you discover cracks or holes in your roof, regardless of their size.

For Shingles: Use a putty blade to remove broken pieces. You can remove the nails and clean up any debris. Use roofing nails or cement to fix the new shingle.

For Panels: Cover the crack with roofing adhesive. The material should be evenly distributed across the crack. Add reinforcement webbing to the top of the mastic. Then cover it with another layer mastic to seal it.


Mould and Dirt


Your Perth patio is outside, so it comes in contact with a lot of moisture. Therefore, dirt and mould can build up on your patio.  You can typically get rid of both with water, mild detergent and a scrubbing brush. You may have to use a power washer for stubborn dirt or mould.


Cracked Pavers


Your pavers will crack over time. If they are not obvious or small, you can ignore them. If you notice large cracks or deep cracks in your patio, it’s best to call a professional. You will need to replace each paver now to ensure it is safe for the future. It is a good idea to call the same professional or company that installed your patio.


Mineral or Lime Deposits


Patio pavers can be stained by lime or mineral deposits. These stains can be removed with a power washer, or a muriatic cleaner solution (see above for mould removal). Avoid using bleach or commercial lime cleaners on concrete.

Reseal concrete patios every two years to prevent staining.


Weeds in Joints


Regular weeding should be part of your patio maintenance program. If they don’t, the weeds may get out of hand and make it difficult to remove.

Pull weeds from your patio joints immediately if you see them. To prevent seed-laden dirt from building up on your patio, sweep it regularly.

If stubborn weeds keep coming back, you can use an herbicide to kill their roots. Wait until the weeds turn brown before you pull them up.


Old Timber Pergolas in Perth


Many homes in Perth still have timber or wood pergolas at the back of their homes. While some of these pergolas have survived the test of time, others are barely holding on to their original purpose, making them dangerous for you, your family, and your home.

Many of these timber pergolas in Perth were covered in shade cloth, but they were later replaced with steel or fiberglass roofing sheets. Some pergolas may have had downpipes or gutters added, while others might have been enclosed completely.

Recently, One Stop Patio Shop has replaced lots of older wooden patios, that have seen years of abuse. It can be difficult to spot problem areas in the untrained eye. However, our team at One Stop Patio Shop takes great care at assessing the situation when quoting for a new patio.


 One Stop Patio Shop are Here to Help


Now is the time to repair any of these problems on your patio. A damaged patio means a useless patio. Make sure your patio stays in good condition so it can be enjoyed for many years. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts today to upgrade your patio in time for Summer.

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