dome patio with natural light

dome patio with natural light

Choosing the right company to install your patio is just as important as, if not more important than, choosing the right materials. Select a company that you trust and someone who will deliver a quality product.  Choosing a well-known local patio builder is the first step to making a smart choice – follow the steps below to make sure you are making the best choice for your new home investment!

1.Read reviews

Reading reviews on a patio builder is a great way to discover how past customers have felt about their services and if the patio reached their expectations. Company websites often have a testimonial page where past clients can write about their experiences. This is a good place to start but keep in mind that they can often be biased. Look further than the company’s website and to review sites as well.

Ask around; ask your friends and family if they have heard of the company or know anyone who has had a patio installed by them. When someone has had an unpleasant experience with a company, they love to tell everyone they know, so ask around.  Go onto the company’s Facebook page and read reviews on Google.

Understanding how a patio builder has acted in the past provides insight into how they will behave in the future.

timber lined patio porch

2.Visit the showroom

Visiting a patio builder’s showroom allows you to see the products and materials that will be used. A showroom displays their entire range available, allowing you to compare models, gain professional advice, and find the patio type and style that best suits your home.

If you have any questions regarding the quality or type of materials used, it is often easier to discuss face to face, as you can be see examples and learn the need-to-know facts. Patio builders can often offer a guarantee that the final product will be of the same quality and workmanship as the displays in their showroom.

Viewing the showroom displays the quality and standard of the patio you’ll get and allows you to view the wide selection of patios to choose from.


3.Ask about warranty

A patio builder that is providing you with a quality product will have no issue with providing you with warranty and product guarantee. If the installer does not offer any guarantee or warranty period, it’s worth asking why.

Patio builders typically offer a 12-month warranty on any leaks, tears, rattles, etc.  There is often a separate warranty for significant defects that occur after the 12-month period. Ensure that the warranty is in writing and you are aware of all terms and conditions before the commencement of construction.

skillion flat patio

4. Decide if the price is right

Asking for a quote will not only tell you how much the project will potentially cost but will also allow you to compare patio builders based on price. Most people recommended getting a quote from a minimum of three installers. This will help you learn which company has the best prices and which company has the standard and quality of materials you are after.

If a company provides a quote that is either incredibly cheap or expensive, it is essential you find out why. They may be using a higher or lower quality material than standard or can complete the project in a shorter period.


5. Ask yourself if you trust the patio builder

There should always be a level of trust between you and the patio builder that is assisting you.  If you do not trust what they are saying about the quality of their products or services, it’s best to find another company. Building a patio is an expensive endeavour that’s even more expensive to change. You should feel comfortable asking the patio company any questions or concerns you may have with the patio or building process.

Trusting the patio installer will bring peace of mind, making the entire process a lot more enjoyable. Keep these steps in mind while you’re searching for a Patio Builder to ensure you are working with a company that will provide you with a quality patio you’ll love.


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