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Patio Decorating Tips

You can enhance the look of any patio or pergola with creative patio design ideas. This video offers a number of tips for households on getting the most out of their patios, considering both function and aesthetics when installing lighting and decor. You should first consider what your patio is used for when planning its decor and furnishings. If the building is primarily used for storage or as a functional extension to your living space, it’s wise to choose decor…

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Patio decorating tips from One Stop Patio Shop

Getting the most out of your outdoor area begins with great patio design ideas to maximise your space and suit your lifestyle. By decorating your outdoor patio you can create a comfortable and enjoyable space that reflects your tastes and also makes guests feel welcome. Here are a few tips for making your patio a stylish and appealing space to entertain and relax: Decent roofing The best addition you can make to your outdoor area is to provide a roof,…

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Outdoor Entertaining Tips

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W1uDMqmTeY Building a patio or deck can create the perfect space for entertaining guests in your home, and considering different patio design ideas could give you inspiration for ways to make your outdoor areas even more versatile. Abolish The Bugs This video offers a number of tips for creating an outdoor entertaining area, which is a great way to enjoy the summer in company and get more use out of your garden and outdoor areas. One practical consideration is bugs…

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Options In Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures can be as simple or elaborate as desired, with a number of patio design ideas making it easy to extend your home on a budget. Patio roofing Installing a roof over a patio area will provide shade from the sun and UV rays and can also insulate the building in the case of an enclosed patio. Patio roofing comes in many forms, from fabric awnings or metal roofs extended over hard outdoor surfaces to skillion roof, dome roof…

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One Stop Patio Shop Looks at Popular Patio Themes

When it comes to outdoor patio designs there is so much to choose from with materials, colours and styles that creating your own unique patio is simply a matter of unleashing your imagination. By combining the various elements of furniture, natural vegetation and artwork that appeal to your tastes you can assemble an outdoor space that complements the overall design of your home, and create a comfortable and enjoyable place to relax and entertain. Asian-inspired One of the most popular…

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One Stop Patio Shop Looks at Different Patio Roof Designs

When considering outdoor patio designs, one of the most important features is the roof. Ensuring that you select a style that suits the overall look of your home, while maximising the cover it will provide your outdoor area, is essential. Three popular styles for patio roofs are gable, dome and pyramid, each offering advantages that may better suit your patio, home and garden. Gable Gable roofs are a very popular choice for patio roofs. The gable roof has two angled…

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Modern Outdoor Comforts: Cane Furniture

Cane furniture combines the timeless beauty of nature with a contemporary aesthetic, and can be an attractive and functional patio design idea. Features and Benefits Cane furniture has enduring appeal for households, conjuring images of tropical resorts at an affordable price. Cane seats, sofas and tables will stand up to the elements and look great in many types of gardens, whether they follow a modern or traditional aesthetic. Cane furnishings are available in a range of colours and designs and…

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Make your patio liveable all year round by adding heating

Heating should be a factor in your planning of outdoor patio designs if you live in a temperate or cool climate, to ensure your patio will still be usable at night and in the colder months of the year. Types of patio heating There are several common heating options available for patios, which will depend on whether the patio is fully enclosed or exposed to the elements. For open patios, outdoor fire pits may be constructed to provide a permanent…

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Make Your Patio Extra Cosy with a Privacy Screen

If you don’t have walls, fencing or trees blocking views into your garden, privacy should be a major consideration when building a new patio. Building a privacy screen is a simple and economical way to block views of uncovered patios and decks, so you’ll be able to relax in the sun without worrying about neighbours and passers-by. This video demonstrates how to build a privacy screen step-by-step, made from timber slats and a treated timber frame. First, you should measure…

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Keeping Bugs at Bay When Hosting an Outdoor Party

To entertain, relax and enjoy your patio and outdoor area you and your guests must feel comfortable. Unfortunately, being outdoors means that you can be exposed to some unwanted intruders, like flies and mosquitoes. To ensure that you and your guests are comfortable, here are a few precautions and methods that you can use to keep these pests away: Use insect repellents Available in many forms including sprays, roll on applications and creams, in natural and odourless varieties, insect repellents…

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