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Alfresco Dining Areas – More Than Just a Home Addition

Outdoor patio designs are evolving to reflect the lifestyle needs of modern Australian families and how they use their homes. The days have passed where the traditional barbeque would be wheeled out onto the patio on a summer’s day, now the patio is considered an integral part of the usable space of any home. Creating a comfortable and functional alfresco area is now an essential part of every Australian home, from large suburban houses to inner city terrace houses. Popularity…

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Pressure Washing Patio Pavers

Flagstone patios are among the simplest types of patio installations and are also easy to maintain, as long as you use the correct materials and cleaning processes. If your pavers are made from durable stone that’s resistant to water damage, they will usually be suitable for pressure washing. This video demonstrates how quickly and simply patio paving stones can be cleaned using a pressure washer, which removes more dirt than a standard garden hose. Pressure washing is capable of removing…

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Advantages of Installing a Gable Patio Roof

The popularity of gable roof systems with homeowners, both for the main residence as well as outdoor structures such as patios, carports and sheds, is due in large part to their simple, effective design and the relative ease of construction and installation. The great design advantage of gable roofs is the slant or pitch of the roof, which is highly efficient at dispersing weather events such as rain, hail or snow. Even with moderate rainfall, water can pool on flat…

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Patio Roofing Options to Consider

Roofs are important features of patios that keep these outdoor areas insulated and safe from adverse weather. Speaking to patio builders about different patio roofing options should make it easier to find the roof best suited to your needs. Importance of patio roofs Patio roofs can make outdoor rooms such as patios and decks into ideal spaces for entertaining guests and relaxing in all weather and temperature conditions. Patio roofs can be as simple as sheet metal or a fabric…

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2013 Yard, Garden & Patio Show

One of the world’s premier patio and garden shows featured a number of innovative patio design ideas to inspire landscape gardeners and households. This video features a time lapse recording of the set-up of the Showcase Gardens at the 2013 Yard, Garden and Patio Show between 8 and 10 February. These five feature gardens are a stand-out attraction of the annual event, taking their cues from different parts of the world and across history to inspire creative gardeners. The Romantic…

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Patio Plant Watering Tips

If you’re looking for ways to add colour to your garden, plants can be attractive features that bring a touch of nature to your open or insulated patio. Learning how to care for these plants is essential to ensure their longevity, and the watering methods you use should be formed by your lifestyle. In this video from eHow Garden, Christy Wilhelmi offers tips for watering strawberries and other seasonal patio plants, allowing them to grow as healthy as possible. When…

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10 FAQs about Patio Installations Part 2

Here are five more common questions customers have regarding patio installations in Western Australia: 6 – Updates Your patio installer will contact you when necessary, such as when obtaining a Building Licence and three weeks before construction begins. 7 – Gable or Dome Style Patio? These popular patio designs are distinguished by the type of roof used, as well as roofing materials. Gable roofs are made from Colorbond steel with a pitched roof profile and skylights, whereas dome roofs are…

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Patio Accessories to Make Outdoor Living Even More Enjoyable

Once you’ve decided on a layout for your new patio, you should think about other patio design ideas to help you get the most out of this space, including accessories for entertaining, dining and relaxing. Outdoor Spa For many people, home spa pools are the ultimate symbol of luxury and can be easily installed alongside patios if you have the space. Outdoor spas are available in a range of styles, so you can match your spa to your patio and…

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10 FAQs about Patio Installations Part 1

A new patio can be a great investment in your home as well as a place to relax or entertain guests, as long as you are 100 per cent happy with the installation process. Here are five common issues that customers ask patio installers about when deciding which type of patio to buy: 1 – Council Applications When building a patio, you will need the right Building Licence, Planning Application and Water Corporation agreement. These can usually be arranged by…

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Patio Planning Tips

When considering outdoor patio designs there is a wide array of options in terms of styles and materials that can make it all a bit confusing and overwhelming. However, there are a few simple points to keep in mind that will help you navigate the numerous options and create the ideal patio for your home and lifestyle. Space The most important consideration when planning your patio is the amount of space you choose to allocate for your patio. You may…

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