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Your Guide to Patio Renovations in Perth

Your Guide to Patio Renovations in Perth Have you recently purchased a property with a subpar patio? Perhaps the patio you lovingly had installed in the 90s isn’t quite serving you as well as it once was. Whatever your reason, now is a great time to consider patio ideas before summer hits. Why? So, you beat the summer rush and can show it off and enjoy all it has to offer when outdoor entertaining (and relaxation) picks up again. Hint…

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Patio Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for all Seasons

Patios provide entertaining in the warmer months and sanctuary in the cooler months. Like with cleaning on the inside of our homes, our patio and patio flooring needs some tender, loving care to keep it in tip-top shape. Spring is generally the common time for large indoor and outdoor cleaning, but did you know there’s different tips to clean your Perth patio for any season? Read more from One Stop Patio Shop for seasonal maintenance, patio ideas and all things…

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Is It Worth Getting Insulated Roofing for My Patio?

Insulation – it’s great for keeping us warm and cosy in our homes, particularly in the chilly months. However, is insulation really necessary for outdoor, open spaces? Particularly in our beautiful, temperate state of Western Australia? Today at One Stop Patio Shop, we’re talking about insulated roofing for Perth patios. Read more to find out if they’re really worth it.   What is insulated roofing? Patios are a staple for many Perth residents, providing a great outdoor entertaining space for…

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How to Prepare Your Perth Patio for Winter

Patios add such a spark to homes, from an extra living area, an outdoor sanctuary and an overall addition to an entertainer’s quarters. Yet most of us are still under the impression that patios are for summer and warmer weather only. In Perth, we’re lucky to have pretty mild winter weather conditions. So, with a little touch here and there and clever patio design ideas, winter will prove no excuse to ignore your patio. Read more from One Stop Patio…

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6 Patio Ideas for Winter in Perth

Summer BBQs and outside-only get togethers are all done and dusted for the next 3 months, nut that doesn’t mean saying goodbye to outdoor entertaining and letting your Perth patio grow cobwebs as the weather gets colder. With some helpful and cost-effective patio ideas and implementations, you’ll be having breakfasts, lunches, dinners and shindigs, free from the rain and cold. Read more from One Stop Patio Shop to see how clever Perth patio designs and patio flooring will reignite your…

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What Are the Differences Between a Pergola and a Patio?

If you’re looking for a pergola or patio, we’ve got you covered. We’re the leading installer of pergolas and patios, but before we go any further, we first need to talk about the differences between these two options. Lots of people are still unsure about how pergolas and patios differ and what the benefits of each option are. Before you can make an informed decision about which of these options is best for you, it’s important to understand what each…

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Dome Patios – What Are They And Why Should You Have One?

All of the Dome Patio’s we supply, and install are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. They’re ideal for entertaining friends and enjoying time outdoors all year round with your family. So many families and homes benefit from the installation of a Dome Patio and you could experience the same. But you probably first want to find out a bit more about them and what makes them unique and appealing. Read on. What Are Dome Patios? Dome…

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DIY Or Professional Patio Builder – The better choice?

DIY Or Professional Patio Builder – The better choice? In Australia it’s quite common for us to take on projects around the house to make improvements but to also save money. This is no different when it comes to our outdoor setting and backyard, however when it comes to building a patio there are various challenges that you might face. Once you have decided that its time your backyard needs a patio you then must ask yourself do, I get…

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Single Skin Or Insulated Patio Roofing: Which Should You Choose?

Single Skin Or Insulated Patio Roofing: Which Should You Choose? A well-built Patio gives you the best of both the indoors and the outdoors. A Patio gives you a lovely view and feel of the great Western Australian outdoors whilst keeping you in a comfortable, safe environment. The versatility provided by a Patio that creates this perfect indoor and outdoor blend is it’s roofing. It’s quite common for patio projects to have two kinds of patio roofing, the single skin…

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Choosing the Best Patio Floor Option for Your Perth Patio

Patios add value to houses and increase the space for outdoor entertaining and activities. While there’s many styles of patios in Perth, the choice of patio flooring is also a big decision to make. From your budget to intended use, concrete, wooden decking, paving and tiles all bring different appeal to Perth patios. Read more from your One Stop Patio Shop in Canning Vale, to discover the best patio flooring for you. The considerations behind Perth patio flooring Patio budget…

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