The range of new materials available to patio builders means that the days of standard, one-size fits all patios are gone. By discussing your design ideas and needs with your patio builder, you can ensure you get the right material, colour and style to suit your patio, home and lifestyle. One of the great new options available for modern patio construction is the insulated solar span roof.

74 The Benefits of an Insulated Solar Span Roof
The solar span roof is a recent addition to the array of patio roofing options available and is gaining popularity as people recognise its new advances. The great leap forward with this technology is the insulation built into the patio which stops the heat from penetrating the patio area.

Being able to get outdoors and enjoy a barbeque with friends and family while still being protected from harmful UV light is the great benefit of a covered patio. However, it can still be incredibly hot even when you’re sitting in the shade. The solar span roof has a polystyrene core, up to 50 millimetres thick, bonded to high tensile Colorbond steel sheets, providing tremendous strength, which insulates the patio from the heat of the direct sun.

The other great appeal of the solar span roof is the range of colours available, and that it can be built in gable or flat form to complement your home’s overall design. It is built with highly durable Colorbond steel, which means that it is very strong and doesn’t require the usual support structures beneath. It offers a very clean and uncluttered look making it a very appealing addition to any patio and home.

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