For most Australians, an outdoor patio isn’t complete without a barbeque. To get the best results with your barbeque, it is important that you keep it clean and well maintained. A simple scrub, at least once every year, will help keep your barbeque in good condition and make sure that your steaks, burgers and sausages taste delicious.

To complete the task you will need a bucket of soapy water, gloves, cooking oil, barbeque degreaser, paper towel and a wire scrubbing brush. Begin by closing off the gas bottle and unhooking it from the hose. Place your barbeque in a cleared area to allow full access and to help clean up any mess.

Next, open the hood and remove the hot plate and grill. Below that are the burners, remove those also and clear off any loose, flaky crust using the brush. Then, pull out the drip tray and spray that down with the degreaser along with the hot plate and grill, and give all three items a good scrub with your wire brush to remove any dirt build-up.

Next, give the body of your barbeque a thorough wipe down using the bucket of soapy water and the paper towels. For more sticky and difficult spots you may want to use a barbeque wipe. Once you have completed this, reassemble the various parts back in place and reconnect your gas bottle. You are now ready to start cooking again.

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