Outdoor patio designs are evolving to reflect the lifestyle needs of modern Australian families and how they use their homes. The days have passed where the traditional barbeque would be wheeled out onto the patio on a summer’s day, now the patio is considered an integral part of the usable space of any home. Creating a comfortable and functional alfresco area is now an essential part of every Australian home, from large suburban houses to inner city terrace houses.
Popularity of outdoor patios

The rising popularity of building roofs over the patio area of many homes has transformed the way people use and view their outdoor space. With the addition of a roof, the opportunity to utilise the outdoor area all year round has produced significant changes in the way Australians entertain and relax.

Added protection

The protection provided by a roof from the hot sun during the summer months means people can now spend more time outdoors safe from harmful UV radiation and, with insulation options available, remain comfortable and cooler than previously possible. The roof also provides protection during the winter months from both rain and cooler temperatures, allowing for people to trap warmth from heaters extending the time the patio can be used comfortably.

Luxurious furnishings

The ability to use the patio for more months of the year has driven other changes to furnishings, décor and devices that add further comfort and enjoyment, and extend time spent on the patio. With more luxurious and permanent furnishings and devices, like heaters and pizza ovens, the patio has become a central part of entertaining and relaxing in modern Australian homes.

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