Patio with a Water Feature

Water features can be striking features for any garden, especially when incorporated into outdoor patio designs.

26 Add a Touch of Tranquillity to Your Outdoor Patio with a Water Feature

Types of water features

Water features may be natural or artificial in nature, and made from a range of materials. A water feature can be as simple as a small pond or river at the rear of your home or more elaborate, such as fountains and water walls. If you’re aiming for a natural look from your water features, rock formations and miniature waterfalls can be very pleasing and relaxing additions to a garden, whereas fountains and spouts offer more flexibility for achieving different effects at different levels of water pressure.

Things to consider

Most water features require electrical power for pump systems, which can be provided by natural sunlight in the case of solar pumps if you want to lower the environmental impact of your home and avoid high electricity bills. You should also check whether certain water features could pose potential safety hazards to people in your household as well as visitors and pets, which may require installing fencing around ponds. It’s also recommended to situate water features away from main home buildings to reduce the risk of corrosion, flooding and other water damage from occurring.

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