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Summer BBQs and outside-only get togethers are all done and dusted for the next 3 months, nut that doesn’t mean saying goodbye to outdoor entertaining and letting your Perth patio grow cobwebs as the weather gets colder.

With some helpful and cost-effective patio ideas and implementations, you’ll be having breakfasts, lunches, dinners and shindigs, free from the rain and cold.

Read more from One Stop Patio Shop to see how clever Perth patio designs and patio flooring will reignite your patio this winter.

Blend the indoor with the outdoor

By combining the indoor with the outdoor, you’ll get a cosy and open feel to your outdoor space.

Make your Perth patio feel like just another room in the house,

What does this mean?

  • Your Perth patio is appealing, and
  • Always accessible, rain, hail or shine.

How can you do this? With the addition of outdoor blinds, which keeps the cold air out and the warm and fun vibes in.

Enclose your space to retain heat, protect you and your guests from the elements and create a whole new room inside (well, outside) your humble abode.

Heaters, bars and outdoor kitchens

Nothing cosies you up like a fire! While we don’t all have the property, time and means for a big bonfire (not to mention how hazardous they can be), gas heaters are a cheaper, safer alternative.

Gas heaters, in restaurants and bars create a luxurious ambience, and should be utilised more in Perth patios. Sit around and cosy up in comfort and style with an outdoor patio heater.

You know what else brings a warmth to patios?

  • An outdoor patio bar, and
  • An outdoor kitchen.

You’ll be the envy of your guests with a dedicated bar space for (responsible) drinks with friends and cooking up delicious, hearty and warm meals for a winter wonderland party.

Winter-friendly furniture and patio flooring

Relaxing and comfortable outdoor furniture will entice you, your family and guests to snuggle up outside. Bring the party outside with winter-friendly must-haves like:

  • Soft cushions,
  • A blanket station,
  • A plush rug,
  • Puffy backrests, and
  • Wicker chairs (if your patio isn’t enclosed).

Perth patio flooring is also something to consider in the installation or renovation of your patio.

While traditional wood or composite wood patio flooring is often a favourite, it’s actually porcelain tiles that come out on top for withstanding the harsh winter weather.

Perth patio ideas

Want to be the envy of your street? Want to be the number one choice for outdoor entertaining?

There’s no reason why your Perth patio can’t delight and serve you and your guests all-year round, through the cold and warm, windy or balmy.

One Stop Patio Shop provide:

  • A number of stylish and functional patio designs,
  • Patio decking,
  • Patio lighting,
  • Cafe and outdoor blinds,
  • Soak wells, and
  • Colorbond patio roofing.

At One Stop Patio Shop, we’ll help you with patio ideas, designs, installation and advice to equip you with a stylish Perth patio that’ll impress you in years to come.

Feeling inspired about Perth patios? So are we.

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