Thinking of building a carport?

There are so many reasons to get a carport installed, from protecting your car from the elements all the way through to the aesthetics it can provide. Carports are a great idea for Perth homeowners and businesses because of the versatility, shelter, ease of access and the list goes on.

At One Stop Patio Shop, we specialise in building authentic and functional carports, and we believe that there are plenty of reasons your home needs one! Here our four primary reasons:


It serves as great protection for your car

Would you leave your car un-serviced beyond the due date? No right? So, why would you expose your car to various weather conditions. A car is a precious asset, and is an important part of your independence, mobility and general quality of life. Therefore, it makes sense to treat it right, and you’ll save money in the long run! Furthermore, you will preserve, if not increase its resale value too.

No car? No problem…at One Stop Patio Shop, we have seen homeowners who don’t have a car, installing one. As you can store other items and keep them in good condition. Things like your bike or motorbike, your garden tools and the kids’ toys etc can be stored in your carport. That extra bit of shade can make a worldly difference!


A quick, efficient and economical outdoor choice

Carports are a lot more affordable than garages. They are not completely enclosed, they use fewer materials and they offer more flexibility around material choice. If you’re building a home, you can save a fair bit going for a carport instead of a garage; and if you’ve moved into a home without either, then considering a carport might be an excellent cost-effective investment.

With shorter wait times to install a carport, and without having to worry about garage door replacements or fiddling with garage door remotes, a carport is an easy choice for convenience.


It offers you flexibility!

Garages need to be built on a solid foundation that can hold the weight of a concrete slab. However, carports can be placed in many places, and it’s much easier to upgrade to a second carport than to tear down a single garage and to build a double garage.

Carports can be placed in many places, and are also subject to fewer council and building regulations. Of course, you still need to double check the red tape surrounding your council, but for the most part the rules and regulations remain similar across the board.


Did we mention…a carport looks great

The custom designs that you can have, thanks to One Stop Patio Shop, your carport will be aesthetically pleasing to boot! You build and design a carport that suits your unique needs. Furthermore, we have a great array of roofing styles, such as flat and gable roofs. You can make your carport an extension of your home.


Get in touch, your carport in Perth awaits

Our team is here to help homeowners around Perth get their carport designed and install efficiently and aesthetically. It is time to make the most of your outdoor space! Get in touch with us today, and get a quote!





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