Summer is here, and with it comes to high temperatures and sweltering hot weather. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have thought about summer proofing your patio. You are going to want to be able to enjoy this weather and the time that you can spend outside, but you need to ensure that you are doing this in the safest possible way. Patios are going to be a problem here because the high heat and humidity can often leave you feeling uncomfortable. So, what can you do to make sure that your patio is summer proof?  Read more about how you can summer proof your patio or give One Stop Patio shop a call to discuss your personal requirements.

Retractable Awnings

One of the first things that you could think about adding to your patio are retractable awnings. These will make sure that you have the shade that you are certainly going to need throughout the entire day. Remember that the sun moves and doesn’t stay in the same place, which means that you are going to need something that can move with it and provide the protection that you require. Parts of your patio are going to be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, but if you have retractable awnings, you can make sure this isn’t an issue while still getting to enjoy the sun when you want to. One Stop Patio Shop have a variety of different options that may suit.

Insulated Roofing

You don’t need to worry about finding insulated roofing that fits with your patio because One Stop Patio Shop can discuss panels that can be fitted on to most substrates. As such, we will always be able to find some solution for your patio when it comes to getting insulated roofing. You can get a range of materials too, so you can have either fiberglass, aluminium, or a few other options.

The good thing about having this kind of roofing is that it bounces the sun’s rays off the patio, rather than absorbing them into the material. What this means is that parts of your patio are not going to be burning hot while others are not. Something that you need to think about though, is the R-Rating of the insulated roofing that you are choosing. The higher the rating, the more resistant to heat it is going to be. So, if you want your patio to be a cool and comfortable temperature all summer long, insulated roofing is the solution that you need.  Speak to the team at One Stop Patio Shop to discuss your personal needs.

Misting System

Finally, there is another option you may not have considered;  a misting system to your patio. This is can be especially helpful if you have a lot of guests over or spend a lot of time outside in this area. Using evaporation, sprays of water are released into the air, creating a refreshing mist that keeps the temperature under control. The good thing about this is that the water evaporates almost immediately, meaning that nobody is going to get soaked by one of these systems.

We trust that you have found this article helpful, and now know three different ways that you can summer proof your patio.  Give One Stop Pato Shop a call to discuss, or drop in and let us show you around.


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