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It starts with motivation, a sprinkle of inspiration and then the tools, knowhow and expertise. That’s the recipe for reimagining your backyard space in a nutshell.

Whether you live on and own acreage, a modest size suburban block or mini inner-city space – there’s clever ways you can re-do your backyard, to improve functionality, add something special or just because.

Want to know 3 ways to reimagine your backyard space?

Read more from the Perth patio professionals at One Stop Patio Shop to find out.

Narrow in on what you really want

You have an inkling, the desire and drive to re-do your (probably drab) backyard – but before you get started, sit down and work out a plan.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What will the primary and secondary uses for my backyard be?

If you have children, will it be their playground first and foremost, but also a place to entertain friends and family? Do you want a dedicated veggie patch?

If you’re a keen gardener, a dedicated veggie patch and a well-maintained garden may be your one and only purpose.

  1. What’s your style?

Are you a sucker for lots of grass and a Hills Hoist? Then traditional design is your go-to. Perhaps you want more of a modern and architectural backyard design?

Cottage, Japanese, minimalistic or Australia gardens – there’s plenty of garden inspiration out there.

  1. Take note of ‘The lay of the land’

Design and purpose aside, the lay of the land is arguably the most important factor in re-imagining your backyard. Identify if your backyard is even or sloped, what about your neighbouring properties or retaining wall realities?

Answering all the above questions will get you one step closer to a better-looking, better-feeling Australian backyard in no time.

Landscaping and Planting tips

Is size and shape an issue with your backyard?

Here’s how landscaping and planting can optimise your backyard:

  • Make your garden look larger than it really is with a small number of plant sections, colours and objects,
  • Install raised garden beds – they’re both visually appealing and functional
  • Small yard? Add depth by placing focal points at the centre of a space.

Finally, the last and arguably the best way to reimagine your backyard space is by installing or renovating a Perth patio.

A Perth patio will undeniably reimagine and rejuvenate your backyard

In summer they provide shade from the sun, in winter, protection from the cold and rain. There’s no denying that Perth patios are one of the most functional, value-boosting additions to homes.

This is why to reimagine your backyard space, you should focus on purpose and greenery, but don’t forego the importance of installation or patio renovations in Perth.

For family and friend entertaining, an outdoor retreat with a book or a lazy Sunday breakfast, patios really are all that and more.

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