One of the world’s premier patio and garden shows featured a number of innovative patio design ideas to inspire landscape gardeners and households.

This video features a time lapse recording of the set-up of the Showcase Gardens at the 2013 Yard, Garden and Patio Show between 8 and 10 February. These five feature gardens are a stand-out attraction of the annual event, taking their cues from different parts of the world and across history to inspire creative gardeners.

The Romantic Garden features winding paths and allows plants to grow unimpeded, abandoning formality and traditional landscaping notions of symmetry and balance to create a wild and emotive garden space.

Other gardens highlight the growing concern with sustainability, featuring lawns and plants that are easy to cultivate without using excess water, which are well suited to sustainable households without an abundance of free time.

Inspiration is taken from the 1950s in the A Glimpse Back to the Fifties Showcase Garden, which features a large courtyard as its centrepiece to encourage members of the household and visitors to gather, socialise and enjoy the landscape.

Outdoor furniture and patios also featured in other garden designs, incorporating natural materials such as reclaimed timber alongside modern hard scaping and metals.

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