Skillion patio roof

Skillion patio roof


Skillion patios are commonly a single angular roof shape, unlike gable patios which join two faces at a ridgeline.

Skillion roof patios are unique because they raise the roof above the home with a relatively steep pitch and can be crafted in multiple ways and sizes to suit the needs of the owner.

The four most popular styles of skillion roof patios include;

  • Standard skillion patio which is attached to the side of the home and raised above the gutter
  • Butterfly skillion patio slants two faces down towards the centre
  • Reverse skillion patio is raised at an angle away from where it is attached to the home
  • Flyover skillion patio is similar the standard design, but it overlaps the house roof

Here are 11 key reasons why a skillion patio design might be the right patio choice for your home;

1.Choice of materials

The roofing materials used to install a skillion patio vary widely including Colorbond roofing, polycarbonate roofing, or fully insulated roofing options in overlapped, latticework or panel designs.

2.Quick Installation

A skillion patio roof can be put up very quickly; most skillions can be installed within a day with very little material involved.

3.Protection from the weather

In Perth, we see a lot of sunlight and heat which makes skillion patio roofs great shade producers and heat reduction tools for the outside areas of the home.

4.Create Space

Using the least amount of posts possible allows homeowners to create as much room as possible as a blended extension of the home.

5.Low cost

A skillion patio design allows homeowners to create a luxurious space and add value to their homes without ridiculous costs.


Skillion patio

6.Aesthetic design

Skillion flat style patios add architectural interest with their minimalist design which makes them a great addition to contemporary homes.

7.Collecting rainwater

A butterfly skillion patio design is a particularly effective way to capture water, which is a significant advantage for homeowners living in areas of Western Australia where collecting rainwater is an important factor.

8.Unobstructed views

A reverse skillion design which offers the homeowner unobstructed views from under the patio for those homeowners who want to see the other features of their property or the surrounding area.

9.More ventilation

The overlap from a flyover skillion design allows an area for air to flow through for tucked away outdoor areas that need more ventilation.

10.Let in the light

A standard skillion design’s polycarbonate infill allows light to come through into your outdoor  undercover area if you need more light.

11.Space for solar

Skillion patio roofs can also provide ample space for the installation of solar panels for homes that want to save money and go green but lack sufficient or appropriate roof space.


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