FAQs about Patio Installations

10 FAQs about Patio Installations Part 1

A new patio can be a great investment in your home as well as a place to relax or entertain guests, as long as you are 100 per cent happy with the installation process. Here are five common issues that customers ask patio installers about when deciding which type of patio to buy:

1 – Council Applications

When building a patio, you will need the right Building Licence, Planning Application and Water Corporation agreement. These can usually be arranged by your patio installer and will take up to four weeks to finalise.

2 – Boundary Regulations

You should speak to your neighbours to get their approval when building patios on boundaries. If they approve, you may be able to build as close as 500 millimetres.

3 – Patio or Pergola?

Pergolas are made of timber and require higher maintenance than patios, which are made of more durable steel. Your choice should be based on factors such as personal preference, your budget, climate in your area and the style of your home.

4 – Installation Schedule

The time taken to complete your patio installation will depend on the complexity of the project and the company you choose. Quality patio installations should not usually take longer than six weeks.

5 – Do I Need to Be Home?

As long as patio installers are granted entry to your backyard and have access to your home’s power supply, you do not need to be home during the installation.

6 – Updates

Your patio installer will contact you when necessary, such as when obtaining a Building Licence and three weeks before construction begins.

7 – Gable or Dome Style Patio?

These popular patio designs are distinguished by the type of roof used, as well as roofing materials. Gable roofs are made from Colorbond steel with a pitched roof profile and skylights, whereas dome roofs are curved and made from plastic.

8 – Payment Methods

Patios can be paid for using credit cards or cheques, in person or over the phone. Payment will be required upon receipt of the Building Licence.

9 – Choosing a Contractor

You should check whether your patio company uses dedicated contractors or hires third party workers. Dedicated contractors will generally be more knowledgeable about the products and materials and can give you greater peace of mind.

10 – Patio Gutters

Gutter systems are an important consideration when installing a patio, to ensure water is directed away from the patio following rainfall and won’t lead to pooling or corrosion. Kissing gutter systems are the recommended option, as this keeps the patio’s drainage system separate from that of the main house. Box gutter systems combine patio and house water and carry a higher risk of overflow.

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