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People are choosing patios for their backyards for a multitude of reasons.

As an outdoor oasis, an entertaining hub, or an extra addition to boost their home’s market value.

But what about if you own or recently purchase a home with an existing patio? And that patio is less than impressive, dated, or even dilapidated?

Then that’s when patio renovations Perth are your answer.

Want to know how and why One Stop Patio Shop are your patio renovations Perth specialists?

Read on to find out.

Why you need a patio renovation

Upgrading and patio renovations Perth have become more and more popular over the last few years.


  • Because patio renovations Perth aren’t as expensive as you’d think, and
  • Updates and renovations bring life and value to homes.

There’s many styles and additions to suit different tastes and are budget friendly.

Let’s explore some patio designs that may tempt you to renovate:

A modern and stylish design that entered the market to replace less practical flat patios.

Are a design that’s well-suited for contemporary homes with concrete rendering.

Perhaps it’s not the design that needs an upgrade, but the roof material that does.

  • SolarSpan insulated patio roofing is a popular patio roof due to its heat-reduction qualities.
  • Another option? The gorgeous appeal of a timber-lined patio

Be proud of your Perth patio and be excited to outdoor entertain again with a cost-effective patio renovation that will serve and stun you for years to come.

One Stop Patio Shop for all things patios Perth

At One Stop Patio Shop we’ve been crafting patios from start to finish for over 20 years.

This means we’ve seen many a style, trend and must-have come and go.

We often receive requests to update and refresh tired looking patios and roofing styles.

Did you know?

  • It’s quick and easy, and
  • Doesn’t have to involve the hassle of a long shire approval process.

Our guarantee to you:

  • A patio that looks exactly like the display model in our very own showroom,
  • A 12-month workmanship guarantee,
  • 25-year structural warranty, and
  • Service, quality and results you can always count on.

Bring your patio into the 21st century and fit the style and design of your dreams with patio renovations Perth from One Stop Patio Shop.

More than just patios

At One Stop Patio Shop we really do offer the full service for your outdoor entertaining or oasis needs.

What does that mean?

  • Patio lighting and Colorbond Patio Roofing,
  • Cafe and outdoor blinds,
  • Commercial patios,
  • Shire approval,
  • Interest free finance available, and of course
  • Patio renovations Perth.

Also, we build and supply granny flats, for your multi-purpose home addition needs. That’s another aspect to the complete outdoor renovation, all under the one roof.

Experience more than patios with the complete outdoor service for your Perth patio renovation project.

Get ready to renovate with the patio renovations Perth specialists at One Stop Patio Shop.

Need help with all things patios Perth?

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