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Patios enhance a home in so many ways. Entertaining, an added outdoor, enclosed space and sanctuary all year round are but some of the reasons why people opt for Patios Perth.

In fact, the only issue people often have with patios, is right at the beginning when it’s time to choose what patio design suits their needs.

From flat patios to gable patios, SolarSpan to skillion roof patios, there’s a variety to choose from and many benefits of each and every design.

Today at One Stop Patio Shop, the Patios Perth specialists, we’ll be looking at why people choose timber lined patios.

Interested? Read on to discover more.

Tempting timber patios

The people of Perth absolutely adore timber materials – there’s no denying it!

Let’s have a look at why:

  • Timber patios add an instant style statement and appeal to any home
  • Wood is a striking material for interior and exterior design
  • Timber often turns sad, drab and shabby home features into sophisticated and sturdy ones.

At One Stop Patio Shop, we have a love for timber, too and use only the best sustainable plantation timber in a range of hardwood products to get the job done.

We use Glosswood, which has a beautiful straight grain, is light but strong and structurally sound.

Do you want to know another attraction to Glosswood? It’s unappealing to termites – hallelujah!

Once you’ve made the call that a timber lined patio is for you, you need a trusted Patios Perth team to help with the design and installation. Let’s see what it involves.

Timber patio design and installation in Perth is easy

When you choose the attractive and sturdy timber material that is Glosswood, you’ll join a list of happy customers. At One Stop Patio Shop, we use qualified carpenters who are experts in patio building and ensure yours will be designed, built and installed with care and complete satisfaction.

Why Timber Lined Patios?

  • When it’s time for a facelift for your home
  • When you want to be the envy of your guests, and
  • When you want to enjoy the good times of year-round outdoor entertaining.

Glosswood timber lining is a popular choice, as is our Western Red Cedar prefinished lining.

The latter is tinted to create a richer, fuller colour across the board and boasts a gorgeous Satin lacquer bringing out the natural warmth and lustre of the wood.

The appeal and durability of a timber lined patio is hard to miss and why many Perth residents are opting for them for their patio designs.

So, you know what Perth patio design you want…but who can you count on for all things Patios Perth?

Timber patios Perth at One Stop Patio Shop

One Stop Patio Shop really do have everything for Perth patios under one roof…or patio.

We have carpenters on board and electricians for lighting, ventilation and patio air-conditioning.

We can also install and help with:

  • Colorbond patio roofing
  • Cafe and outdoor blinds
  • Soak wells
  • Shire approval
  • Suppliers, and
  • Finance options.

For everything Patios Perth and who to help with your new, or renovated timber lined patios – look to One Stop Patio Shop.

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