Flooring should be an essential consideration when considering different outdoor patio designs for your home, as different flooring options have their respective pros and cons.

Timber decks

Hardwood timber flooring is a timeless and attractive option that’s just as well suited to contemporary patios as traditional homes; however, timber flooring can have higher maintenance requirements due to its vulnerability to water damage. Lifting your deck off the ground to keep it away from ground moisture, dirt and weeds should reduce the risk of warping and rotting, and you should also make sure the timber is well sealed.

Flooring tiles

Tiles are less commonly seen in patio floors, but can achieve striking effects when choosing colours and designs that fit in with your patio’s overall style. Tiles may be less well suited to non-insulated patios in temperate climates however, as their heat efficiency means the flooring could be uncomfortable to walk on when it becomes too hot or too cold. Tiling a larger patio floor could also be more expensive than other types of flooring.

Other flooring options

Other materials can be used for patio floors depending on your budget and what you’re hoping to achieve, from decorative concrete floors to natural granite flooring and interlocking wood squares.

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