Perth’s hot summers and cool winters can take their toll, particularly on outdoor furniture. However, with a little effort you can restore your timber chairs and tables and extend your enjoyment of your outdoor patio.

To complete the task and ensure you are protected, you will need a bucket, brushes, wood cleaning solution, gloves and goggles to clean your timber furniture and either some oil, stain or paint to seal or finish the job.

Start by brushing the furniture clean using a wire brush and ensure you work into all the gaps and joins of the chair or table. Then wash down the surface using a softer bristle brush and soapy water to get the last of the grime and rinse thoroughly. If the furniture has old paint, use sandpaper or paint stripper to get it back to the original wood. If your timber hasn’t been cleaned recently, you may need to use a wood cleaning solution to return the timber to its original colour.

Once the furniture is cleaned and dry you can apply your oil, stain or paint to the timber. Use two coats to ensure an even and complete finish using a fine brush or soft sponge or cloth. This will return your timber furniture to good condition and allow you to enjoy it for years to come.

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