Timber Deck

Timber decks are among the simplest patio design ideas around, but can still be strikingly effective. If your decks are looking worn or have become damaged, applying fresh coatings can be more cost-effective than replacing the whole deck.

40 How to Rejuvenate a Timber Deck
Oil based coatings

Oil based deck coatings are not long lasting, and will generally need to be re-applied after six to 12 months. There can also be inherent problems with oil based coatings that can add to the deck’s maintenance requirements, such as fungal growth that can result in black staining beneath the coated layer. When reapplying oil based coatings, the deck should first be sanded to a smooth finish.

Water based coatings

Water based coatings are usually more expensive than oil based coatings, but can be more economical in the long term as they last longer and will not contribute to fungal growth. A water based coating will repel water and other liquids for 12 months or longer.

Things to consider

If you do not achieve success with either oil or water based deck coatings, it could be the case that your climate or local weather patterns require a more durable approach. Hardwood decks are recommended over lightweight materials due to their greater natural resistance to damage, and you should make sure your deck is properly prepared before coatings are applied, by clearing the surface of all dirt and water traces.

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