For many people, the patio is now an integral part of their home, to be used all year round for both relaxing and entertaining. Of course, a great way to enjoy your outdoor patio when entertaining or relaxing is over a meal. Modern patio design ideas are embracing this lifestyle change by seeking to make the patio as comfortable and functional as possible by including popular new features, such as outdoor kitchens.

Patio roofs provide more outdoor uses

With the popularity of enclosed patios rising, the extra protection afforded by the roof has allowed people to not only spend more time outdoors but also invest in better quality décor and devices, confident that they will be preserved.

Functional kitchens outdoors

Outdoor kitchens have grown beyond the traditional barbeque to include a variety of new additions that add ease of use and functionality to time spent outdoors. From fire pits and pizza ovens to cook with, through to fridges and basins for storage, preparation and cleaning, the addition of an outdoor kitchen can allow you to complete every task without having to leave the party or conversation.

Add home value

Patio space is an important feature when judging the value of any home and the added functionality of a patio roof for year round use can only increase the appeal. Outdoor kitchens can also add value and appeal to potential buyers of your home. The investment in an outdoor kitchen can pay dividends for all the time you use it to entertain and relax and can be a strong selling point should you ever decide to move.

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